Dress Code

Dress Code Students at J.S. Buchanan are to dress in attire that is clean, neat and respectful for oneself and to others. Students should wear clothing which is appropriate for the learning environment and which complies with our school dress code.

The following dress code has been developed and reviewed by staff, student representatives and School Council. It is applicable to all staff, students, parents and volunteers.

  • Clothing with inappropriate or offensive statements and/or logos should not be worn, i.e. any logo or statement that is deemed offensive because of a message that is either sexual or violent in nature; one that promotes, advertises or glorifies the use of drugs or alcohol; one that encourages violence or bullying; one that promotes discrimination on the basis of race, colour, culture, religion, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation, or any other attribute deemed unacceptable.
  • The length of shorts and skirts must be appropriate, according to social norms, to be worn in a school environment.
  • With consideration towards the age of the wearer, sleeveless shirts and straps on sleeveless shirts must be appropriate according to social norms, to be worn in a school environment.
  • Transparent and/or mesh clothing is not to be worn unless appropriately layered with other clothing.
  • There are to be no undergarments showing and full front and back coverage is required.
  • Shirts that feature bare midriffs, armholes that are considered too lose and/or necklines that are considered too low are considered inappropriate).
  • Students must wear footwear appropriate to the activity at all times.

Students who come to school dressed inappropriately will be issued a warning or asked to remedy the situation.

Parents may be notified if a student’s dress is found to be inappropriate and will have the option of either dropping off more appropriate clothing or asking their child to wear a more appropriate shirt and/or sweatpants to be provided by the school. Failure to comply with the Dress Code will be dealt with through the Code of Conduct.